Friday, 1 March 2013

DIY single doona cover tutorial

Miss S is about to move into a big girl bed so I went looking for good quality bed linen that did not cost  over $100 or include some variation of purple/ pink princess, heart, pony..... Anyway, no luck so I decided to make some! Was lucky to find some lovely stripy fabric from my fav fabric haunt, Darn Cheap Fabrics for $4 per metre - bargain! The dimensions for a single bed doona are 140cm x 210xm but my fabric width was only 110cm. So, I have decided to keep it simple - one large panel down the middle and two side panels.

This meant I needed 3 times the length of the doona - so 6.5 metres of fabric all up! Such pretty fabric too - can't wait to get sewing.

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