Saturday, 2 March 2013

DIY single doona cover

Annoying doona cover fact #1 - it bunches in the corner.
Annoying doona cover fact #2 - the doona gapes through the fasteners
Annoying doona cover fact #3 - it is made of cheap, nasty fabric

When you make your own doona cover you can deal with all your annoying doona cover gripes. For this single doona cover I am using a lovely cotton fabric - prewashed and dried - #3 dealt with - no balling poly cotton here!

To make this cover I first cut three 220cm lengths of my fabric. From one of the pieces I cut 4 strips 20cm x 220cm. I then attached these pieces either side of each of the larger pieces (see diagram in previous post). This meant I now had a front and back for my doona - now to work on the fasteners.

Fold over the top edge of one of the sides - I did this 2cm and then 2cm (to create a nice sturdy base for your fasteners)

I then created two little tags and added some button holes - innocent looking but I think they will be the answer to doona gripe #1 - the bunching doona.

I pinned these to my folded edge (10cm from the corner on both sides) then sewed down my folded edge.

I then attached the fasteners - I used some metal press studs (found at most fabric shops and easily attached using a hammer). I spaced these at 10cm intervals - starting 20cm in from each edge. I attached these fasteners to the right side of the fabric because when it all comes together the fasteners will be hidden (goodbye #2 - ugly fasteners)

I repeated the above for both sides of the fabric. Then, I sewed the front and the back together. I also sewed along the edge with the fasteners for 20cm from each corner (before the fasteners) but you don't have to. Easy - and when the fasteners are done up, they are hidden!

Finally I sewed a button to two corners of the doona - matching up to the button holes on the tags - #1 gripe, bunching doona fixed.

That just leaves one happy doona owner.

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