Saturday, 6 July 2013

Toddler Booster seat

This makes a square cushion (35cm x 35cm) and 15cm high - it is the perfect size for my dining chairs and lets Miss S fit snugly under the dining table.

For this project you will need:
0.7 cm outer fabric
0.6 cm lining fabric
35 cm velcro
36 cm zip
1.5 m Piping cord (I used a nice thick cord - approx 0.5cm in diameter)
0.3cm piping fabric

My first  decision was to make two cushions (well a cushion and a cover - you know what messy eaters toddlers can be!) Today we will concentrate on the inner cushion made from the lining fabric.

From the lining fabric cut:
2 squares (37cm x 37cm)
3 rectangles (37cm x 17cm)
2 rectangles (37 x 10cm)

To make the inner cushion, take the two smaller rectangles in the lining fabric and the velcro:

Now take the 3 rectangles from the lining fabric - these will form the other sides:

The 2 lining fabric squares become the top and bottom:

The lining cushion is complete ready to be stuffed with bean bag pellets - next time, the all important outer cushion, complete with spiffy piping!

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