Friday, 28 June 2013

Toddler booster seat

Miss S has hit that toddler age - she knows her mind and shares it willingly and sometimes forcefully. This morning we had a huge discussion about what to wear - she insisted on the "butterfly" dress which turned out to be a plain blue skirt with one random and obscure butterfly embroided on the back - I didn't even know the butterfly was there! Anyway, these opinions also shared about food. After one evening which I have since labelled the "chicken meltdown" (how dare you Mummy feed me plain chicken and rice) we have started eating dinner as a family. Miss S now willingly eats whatever we eat - phew! Anyway, such a long convoluted start to the fact that we now need a booster seat at the table for Miss S to eat with us.
Inspired by this fabric:

And this tutorial from Prudent baby, I have decided to have a go myself. I am thinking removable cover, square shape with piping and a seat tie - I will keep you posted.

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