Monday, 8 February 2016

The ins and outs of fading denim

Boy did I open a can of worms when I googled "how to fade denim". There are some serious purists out there with some quite strong opinions on the "right" way to fade raw denim. Here are some of the ways to create the perfect fade for your denim (some of them, in my opinion, completely outrageous!)

1. Microwave them -the opinion is that the microwaves break down the chemical compounds that make up the indigo dye

2. Take bath in them - yes, while wearing them. Well, all that hot water and bubbles are meant to make the denim shrink to fit your body

3. Rub them with coffee grinds - I guess the abrasion of the coffee beans helps to wear away the denim

4. Take them to the beach for a swim - the water and sand combo allows them to shrink and age at the same time

5. Wear them for a YEAR without washing - this one is definitely for the purists

6. Bleach them - makes sense

7. Use sandpaper to scuff away the edges

9. Cut holes with scissors

10. Get dirty - one website even suggested repairing motorbikes in your jeans!

So, there are a few options that are out straight away. I will not be microwaving them - it sounds like a strange concept based on dodgy science besides, there is a metal zip and haven't we always been told not to mix microwaving and metal? I will not be taking a bath in them (we don't have a bath) nor will I be taking them for a swim at the beach. I will definitely not be repairing motorbikes in my skirt and neither will I be WEARING IT FOR A YEAR WITHOUT WASHING!! What! Yep, just no. There is even a forum where people post pictures of their faded denim including information about how many washes it has had - this wearing them for a year without washing is a real thing. I found it weirdly addictive to scroll through pages of faded denim - check it out!

So, I guess I will start with a little abrasion - maybe some sandpaper and even some coffee and take it from them

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  1. Wear it for a year. That will accomplish your not-buying-clothes-for-a-year resolution and save on washing!!!