Monday, 29 February 2016

A faded denim skirt

It has been a few weeks since my last post - weeks of a lot sewing and not a lot of blogging so I have a few projects to bring you up to speed on. Firstly, of course the denim skirt and my adventures in distressing. The first step was to rough it up a little. My tools of torture were a cheese grater (a bit too chunky for what I wanted), a nail file and some sand paper. It actually felt counter intuitive to attack a piece of clothing I had only just created but I dived in and this was the result:

A good start but not exactly the vision I had in mind. The next step - bleach!

I filled the laundry sink, added a slug of bleach and then promptly forgot about in the rush of getting to school. It was therefore left a little longer than expected but I am pleased with the result:

I like that the two denims are now more of an even match:

And by pure fluke I even managed to achieve that creased faded look of old denim:

All in all I am impressed with what a little sandpaper and a sink of bleach can do - a much, much better result than sticking it in the microwave or wearing it without washing!

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