Monday, 15 April 2013

Nappy change wallet

Have you ever tried flying on an aeroplane by yourself with two small children? Let me tell you - I think that you need about 6 pairs of hands and 3 pairs of eyes to keep it all under control. Not to mention being super organised! Well, the last time I travelled by myself with my two small girls I was neither prepared nor organised. I left things at home, meaning we had to turn around before we even got to the airport, then, I left bags in the car when I went to check-in and I dragged myself higglydy pigglydy through airport security - yes I was the one with 4 of those grey tubs filled with random things while baby E was being nursed by patient security guards. Anyway, in my airport check-in mess I managed to lose my nappy change wallet. So, I decided when I got home to make one using this great tutorial. I changed a few things - namely I placed the pockets opposite one another so I could sandwich some travel wipes in there; I used some lovely spotty oilcloth on the inside; plus, I finished the whole mat with some piping - who doesn't love piping! I am happy with the results and I promise to be more organised next time I fly!

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