Friday, 19 April 2013

Stroller seat cover - Pimp my Ride Mum!

I bought a new stroller. So what, I hear you say. Well, it's actually my 4th stroller. I only have two kids - 2 strollers each - are you mad! My husband thinks I am - he jokes that we are running a stroller breeding program. It all started when I had baby E. I was really happy with my old stroller for Miss S - a Mountain Buggy Swift - loved, loved, loved it! The only downside was that it only takes one child! So began my stroller journey. Who thought that a light weight, easy to use, tandem stroller would be so hard to find? Anyway, 4 strollers later I now have a Phil and Teds. Looks great - all it need now is some fab new stroller seat liners.

How great is this fabric - Miss S thinks it's pretty, I tend to agree.

Check out my pattern here

It fits a Phil and Ted's seat but I tried it on my Mountain Buggy and it works for that as well. I am thinking bound button holes and pretty binding - a bit over the top I know but hey, when you find the right stroller I say celebrate!


  1. Love this! Does the pattern include a seam allowance?

    1. Hi Kelly - Yes it does include seam allowance!

    2. Great and how much? (Sorry for all the questions) :)

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  2. Hi Kelly - I ended up binding the outer edge so there is allowance for 1cm of binding. If you wanted to sew the front and back together without binding you may need to add 1cm for the seam allowance. Does that make sense? I feel like I haven't explained myself very well!

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