Monday, 29 April 2013

Stroller seat covers - bound button holes (outer fabric)

So I have the fabric and the pattern - now to make a start!
I measured out the pattern and marked out where all the button holes were.

To make it even more comfy - I cut out a layer of batting and sewed it to the top piece of fabric. Now, here's where you have a choice - easy, peasy option or the sewing challenge. Option 1 - easy peasy...
Sew the button holes using the button hole stitch on your sewing machine. See - it's a great option and good enough for the people at Phil and Teds....
My Phil and Ted's store bought cover - regular button holes
Now I could have chosen a regular button hole, but I didn't - I chose to do a bound button hole!

I love a bound buttonhole - it adds a certain amount of class to an outfit and makes it scream "couture". These days you are hard pressed to find these little beauties so here's how to make them yourself. A little bit fiddly and a bit more work than a regular button hole but, so worth it!

So that's how you do the outer fabric. Next time we will do the lining - think I need a cup of tea after all that!!

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  1. Love love love this seat cover!! You will have to share the pattern - would love to have a go at making this! Put up a pic of the finished product in the stroller! IT is great! :-)