Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Baby Carrier

I have the Ergo baby carrier and I have the Baby Bjorn - you would have thought that 2 carriers are more than enough to carry one small baby... But, how could I resist this!

How cute is my little nephew and how cosy does he look is his baby carrier! I had to make one for baby E. (btw - that is my sister's head I chopped off - you know how some people get a bit funny about their pics on a public forum. Besides, she was wearing a daggy hat - I didn't think she wanted the whole world to check it out! See A - I am looking out for you!)

Back to the baby carrier - super easy, super comfy and just the thing to have in the handbag for when arms get tired carrying little babies (or big babies too - I've worked out how to carry Miss 2 1/2 year old in it as well)

To make this you will need a printed cotton sateen - you know, the thicker one with a bit of stretch to it. You will only need 60cm so not only is the baby carrier super easy and super comfy it is also super cheap! More next time on putting this together...

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