Friday, 3 May 2013

Stroller seat cover - binding

Now that the button holes are finished, there is one small step left and our stroller seat covers are done. Today we are going to talk about binding. For my seat cover I used single fold bias binding but you could of course use double fold. What's the difference you ask? Single fold has the two edges folded in

Where are double fold has the two edges folded in as well as a fold in the middle.

Either would work effectively for this project and really the reason I chose single fold was because I could get it in this pretty colour.

You will notice on the bias tape that one fold is shorter than the other. This is to allow the bias tape to line up properly on the wrong side when you sew it together - more on that later...

To sew the tape onto your stroller your will need to work out which is the shorter folded edge and line that up on the edge of your stroller cover; you are sewing onto the right side of the cover first.

Carefully stitch in the fold all the way around. Once you get to the end, fold the end under to give a neat finish.

Fold the bias tape over the raw edge and pin in place. Then stitch in the crease where the bias tape meets the stroller cover - or "stitch in the ditch". Make sure that you catch the back edge of your bias tape when you stitch - this is the reason you stitch the shorter side first....

Will post some pics next time of my completed stroller cover in the stroller. Oh, did I mention that I have a double stroller so I will need to make two of these!!

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