Monday, 13 May 2013

Children's Pyjamas

How lonely do these cute pjs look hanging on the line...

Their story begins with this book. My lovely friend Ems gave me this book for my birthday and I loved it - as I do the blog, Mama Liberated, by the same author - full of gorgeous ideas for kids clothing and playthings.

Inspired by this lovely book, I wanted to make some warm winter pj's for Miss S. I modified the kids pants pattern from the book - removed the pocket and turned them into straight leg, easy pj's. I had this lovely light blue cloud fabric in my stash. Originally I had planned nice winter pyjama bottoms for me but think I neglected to buy enough fabric - do you do that too or it just me?

I spent a nice afternoon putting these together only to be greeted by a "No Mummy. Me no like" when I tried to put them on Miss S that evening. I couldn't convince her... "No Mummy, no Mummy, nooooooo Mummy! Please mummy, purple ones". I often wondered when kids get fussy about what they wear - turns out in my case, it is 2 1/2 years old! Looks like I am off to the shop for some purple fabric... Oh yeah, did I mention I made two pairs!

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