Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Baby Carrier

This project is super easy and will take you no time at all!

You will need:

  • 0.6 m stretch cotton sateen (this is usually 95% cotton and 5% lyrcra or spandex - it has a nice slight stretch across the grain and is a little thicker than regular cotton fabric)
  • thread
  • a small amount of stuffing - really this is not totally necessary but it does make a bit more comfy for bubs

You are basically using the whole piece of fabric, on the fold and cutting a curve along the non-folded edges. You will have one piece (60cm high x the width of the fabric) which you will join together to form one loop of fabric. To do this you could use a regular seam but for extra strength and a neat finish I used a french seam - easy, just follow the steps below.

You should now have a loop of fabric joined by the french seam. Follow these steps below to finish your carrier.

This will create a nice comfy edge along half of your carrier for bubs to rest against.


To wear, sling the carrier diagonally over one shoulder- the padded edge to the front. Open a pocket for bubs to sit in - their bottom will sit in the curved french seam (another reason for making this seam nice and strong). Move bubs about until they are comfy - I have found that when they are little, bubs can curl in nicely and fall asleep.

I have even managed to use it for Miss S to support her when carried on my hip - it sure does save lots of tired arms!

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  1. Great Pattern Sar! Love that it fits both E and S! Will def have to try and make this one!