Thursday, 20 June 2013

Winter Jacket

The days are quickly getting cooler and shorter here in Melbourne and with that comes a need for a warm winter jacket for Miss S. I made a lovely navy blue version of this pattern for her last year and I had some improvements for this year's jacket. The pattern and instructions are spot on but I was unimpressed with the buttonholes I created on last year's jacket (nothing to do with the pattern - more the fault of the operator). After my first attempt at bound buttonholes for the pram seat liner I decided to use them again on the jacket. I also added some pockets in the side seams and created some facing panels - all easy alterations but improved the functionality of the jacket. I am pretty pleased with the result - think Miss S is too!

I added a pleat in the back for more ease - I think it give the coat a nice A-line look as well.

As well as bound button holes I drafted some facing panels for the lining.

A close up of those bound button holes

Pockets in the side seams for storing little treasures - Miss S loves picking up small stones so a great place to store them.

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  1. That is the cutest jacket! I love the bound buttonholes and red buttons.