Friday, 30 August 2013

Backless dress design

Today I am deviating from clothes for the kids or sewing projects around the house to something for me! Yay, it has been a long time since I have done any proper sewing and pattern drafting for myself and it is very exciting. We have a wedding on the horizon and it is a weekend away; 3 nights, w.i.t.h.o.u.t. children! I think am looking forward to it way too much. Anyway, an occasion like this screams for a new dress! I have been watching lots and lots of Project Runway all stars season 2 and the theme for this season seemed to be backless. I found some great fabric - its a heavyish brocade and perfect for what I have in mind - structured top, backless and full skirt.

I am having, however, a bit of a style dilema. When chatting to the girl at the fabric store I described what I was planning and she said - "great like an 80's party dress". Admittedly, she did not grow up in the 80's like I did so maybe 80's to the younger generation oozes cool - for me it just mean ruffles, poofy skirts and massive bows - not the cool glam look I was going for. Anyway, I decided to look around at what a backless 80's party dress might look like. Lots and lots of short, slinky dresses or floor length with long leg slits (remember them). I then decided to scour through Gran's old sewing patterns and came up with a few inspirational gems.

I love the back on this - two uncomplicated straps, straight down. Not a fan of the bow and the slight cap on the sleeve is not doing it for me either but, the back is good. Maybe 80's glam could work.

Or these from the 50's - love the big skirts, the simple front and plunging back.

Using these dresses as inspiration I came up with two designs. The skirts in both are similar - a full gathered or pleated skirt - but the structured top parts are a little different.

So dilema: do I go 50's chic or 80's glam? I am a bit torn...

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