Friday, 6 September 2013

Bunny Bookend

I am busily trying to complete some projects for Miss S's room to make it more into a cosy toddler bedroom. I bought a bookcase for her books and moved them all upstairs so they no longer clutter our lounge room. Books, as you know, are a pest to keep nice and orderly on a bookshelf and almost impossible when you have a curious toddler pulling them off all the time. I searched for some interesting and cute bookends but couldn't find any so decided to have a go at making the pattern myself. Miss S has a love of rabbits so a bunny bookend was an obvious choice. I think she looks great holding up the books.

To make one, print out the pattern and follow the instructions below. I filled her with rice to make her nice and sturdy to hold books but there is no reason why she couldn't be filled with ordinary stuffing for a cute child's toy.

You will need:
30 cm fabric for bunny
Scraps of fabric for tummy and ear lining
Felt for face and tail
Stuffing or rice (for a more sturdy bunny)
black thread

2 body pieces (front and back)
4 ear pieces (2 of lining fabric)
1 face
1 tummy
1 tail

I think she looks great perched on the shelf or, she does a stellar job as a doorstop as well!

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