Sunday, 3 January 2016

A New Year's Resolution...

It began as it always does on New Year's Day after 2, maybe 3 (surely not 4, definitely not 5) glasses of champagne and a discussion about New Year's resolutions. In fact it probably started a week earlier when I unwrapped a massive box under the tree and revealed this... taaadaaa....

Yep a beautiful Bernina sewing machine, the one I have been coveting for a long, long while appeared under our Christmas tree - yay!

Fast forward to New Year's Day and a conversation around new gym memberships and diets, I quietly wondered aloud whether or not I could go a whole year without buying any new clothes, using my new machine to sew anything I needed. Did I say that out loud? It appears I did and loud enough for others to hear and repeat to more people! "A great idea!" "You should do it!" Yikes, what have I done. Can I do it? A whole year relying on my sewing and pattern making skills to create my wardrobe? Maybe.... Am I going to give it a go? I sure am!

1 comment:

  1. Such a good idea Sarah! Can't wait to see the results. Your idea is now in print! Better start planing your Fabulous 40th birthday dress, yay!