Monday, 4 January 2016

Too many dresses

I guess the first place to start when I am thinking about what to sew this year is to look at what I like to sew and therefore sew a lot of - dresses! I love a floral dress, a backless dress, a formal dress, a throw on after a swim dress - there is something satisfying about creating a whole outfit in one item, of using fun fabrics and sewing something that suits my figure (cinches around the waist and full around the hips). However, if I am going to take this challenge seriously I cannot spend my time sewing dress, after dress, after dress. I need something that is a little less showy, that will be a workhorse for a number of different outfits. I need a skirt.

Rummaging through my box of previously drafted patterns I found this one. A knee length, denim style skirt - perfect.

I love it when I open a pattern I drafted a while back and find little notes to myself on where to add to the pattern and what to change - so thoughtful of me I think.

I have chosen some fabric too - a dark cotton khaki and some fun fabric for the pocket inserts. I find something slightly amusing about having my pockets lined with mini moustaches!

So to begin my first project of the year - nothing too flashy and possibly a piece that no one will really notice but a good foundation piece for my new handmade wardrobe.

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