Monday, 7 March 2016

Pacific leggings yoga pants - Sewaholic patterns

When I had initially (stupidly?) decided to make my clothes for a whole year I was bent on the idea too of drafting all of my own patterns. I very quickly realised that this adds a whole extra bunch of steps to the clothes making process - drafting the pattern, trialling the pattern, adjusting the fit, re-drafting the pattern and then, finally sewing the pattern! And while I have built up a sizeable collection of patterns I don't think I would survive a year on the patterns I already have, especially when it comes to more complex patterns like yoga pants! So, instead of drafting all of my own patterns I will use this year to try some different independent pattern designers I have admired but have never tried. First pattern to trial was one from Sewaholic patterns. I have loved Tasia's patterns for a long while and being a pear shaped gal myself I was interested in the her patterns and designs! I have also admired the determination of one girl from Canada, tired of her everyday job, to set up her own pattern making business and turn it into the success it is!

I actually purchased this pattern a while back but hadn't used it yet. It is pair of leggings from her active wear collection called Pacific leggings and perfect for wearing to yoga class (or more likely school drop offs!)

 Sewaholic Pacific leggings

I liked the contoured shape and the simple yet elegant fit. My next task is finding fabric. In my trawling of the internet I stumbled upon Fehr trade and her list of fabrics for sewing Active wear. Looks like I need to keep my eyes open for Supplex on my next fabric store visit!

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