Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A respectable pair of leggings

One of the things I have learnt so far in this year of no clothes buying is how excited you can get by a simple and fairly basic item of clothing - in this case leggings. I know - not so exciting and super practical but imagine finding that perfectly fitted pair of yoga pants - no sagging at the butt, too tight across the hips, low crotch or camel toe - eeeek, stop, please stop! I have spent many hours pulling on yoga pants in techno blasting, gym junkie shops as well as hipster, yoga loving establishments who don't blink an eyelid at charging well over $100 for a pair of their leggings. Well no more I say, no more! I think I have found the perfect pattern!

I know, it doesn't look much and to be honest there is no pretty way to photograph such a basic item of clothing (side note: I tried photographing on my blue and white bed spread but I am not convinced with the result). So what do I like about the pattern - most of all, the fit. Snug but not too tight in all the right places and a perfect 3/4 length.

I love the concealed back pocket, the perfect size for a phone.

And, I love the top stitching in stitch #8 on my new Bernina. 

So, what's not to like? Well, the fabric choice! I chose a heavy weight 4 way stretch but to honest there is not enough recovery - in other words, great when you first put them on but after an hour (OK half an hour) with the personal trainer (another new year's resolution) they sag a little and require lots of very inelegent hitching up. I am looking forward to repeating this pattern but this time with the correct fabric. I think this one will do and maybe a third pair in Tickle me pink or Electric Lime..... maybe... 

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