Monday, 21 March 2016

More dresses with Boundless Style

I realise I made a declaration right at the start of this year that I focussed too much on making dresses and I was right. I have diverted my attention to practical skirts and 'wear all the time' yoga pants but when I spotted this pattern book I could not resist.

 boundless style

It is a choose your own adventure for dress designing with 5 bodices, 5 sleeve and 5 skirt patterns that you can mix and match to create your own dress pattern. Neat, hey. The instructions on each pattern are excellent and there is a whole section at the back on putting the skirt, bodice and sleeve together. If you visit Victory Patterns website there is an awesome Lookbook where you can play around with what the skirt, bodices and sleeves might look like together. I was quite taken with this dress from the book...

and after playing around with the Lookbook I decided on this combination:

I have my birthday coming up and we are having a bit of a celebration so I picked some fabrics for an all black version - a black and sparkly large print houndstooth and a mesh and PVC flower contrast (very Mardi Gras I know but I think it will work)

Do you know the best thing about making your own party dress? I will feel no guilt about spending a little more than I usually would on a belt to wear with it!

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